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A scorching debut from New Zealand’s latest sensation, PULL DOWN THE SUN deliver a blast of celestial power combining elements of prog metal and heavy riff-driven post-rock.

Existing within a triangle between Gojira, Isis, and Deftones, PULL DOWN THE SUN (NZ) have mastered the diverse language of modern metal to enrapture the listener with mythical tales from their Maori homeland. ‘Of Valleys and Mountains’ reaches into the heart of the land and reveals its deep mysteries, at times in the pristine beauty of tremolo picked guitars, at times in the sedation of ethereal soundscapes, but most of all in in the massive riffs and huge choruses that pierce right through the mountain forest haze.

With over 14 years of experience under their belt PULL DOWN THE SUN prove to have learned from the best – and they’ve learned their lessons well. Of Valleys and Mountains is more than just a collection of good songs. It is a sonic ritual that draws you in as it goes along, while vibrant rays of light to pierce through the haze and the mist dissipates to reveal the hidden song at the heart of their enrapturing homeland.



Waxstar Touring Presents – PULL DOWN THE SUN – Pierce The Sea Australian Tour

PULL DOWN THE SUN shall set sail from Whanganui, New Zealand this October for their very first Australian tour and they can’t wait to blast you legends across the ditch on 4 limited dates.

PULL DOWN THE SUN will play their sublime blend of ferocious melodic metal, weaving intricate sonic harmonies into gigantic waves of brutal riff mastery.

Forthcoming single Pierce the Sea continues on from their ongoing concept of ancient Aotearoa while telling the story of a meteor that struck the ocean and caused havoc on our small islands.

Don’t miss out on this incredible band, book your tickets today! 

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